About us

"Defending New Hampshire Public Education" (DNHPE) is a membership organization established in the Fall of 2011 by Bill Duncan who was alarmed by the tsunami of anti-public education legislation in the current Legislature.  We are now made up of New Hampshire citizens concerned that the New Hampshire Legislature is going far beyond its mandate in attempting to enact legislation that damages the New Hampshire public education system.

If allowed, the Legislature would intervene in curriculum, eliminate the requirement that New Hampshire children attend school at all, use public money to fund private, religious and home schools and undermine the viability of New Hampshire public schools in many other ways as well.

DNHPE has been formed to monitor legislative activities concerning public education, alert parents and others who might be concerned about the ongoing viability and quality of New Hampshire public education and publicize our view of what is happening.

If you would like to join in our effort, just go to the "Subscribe" page and check the "Join" box.

Contact Bill directly at waduncan AT gmail.com.