Email exchange with Rep. Balboni

posted Dec 6, 2011, 2:46 AM by Bill Duncan
November 28, 2011

Rep Balboni,

I appreciate your thoughtful response to my OpEd on SB 67 and want to be sure I understand your points of reference.  In particular, I can't find the legislation you are referring to when you say, 

"Republicans committed record amounts of state funds to local school districts to ensure every child has a highly qualified teacher along with the needed school supplies in each classroom."

It looks to me as if you reduced the definition of adequacy and added a hold harmless provision but that the net effect would have been about the same dollar amount as in the past.  Is the new amount actually significantly higher in some way?


Bill Duncan

November 29, 2011

Dear Mr. Duncan:

I'd still like to know why you do not want the problems in our NH public education system corrected.  At stake are our children's futures, the future of this state and of the nation.  Given the poor results shown on objective assessments of reading, math, and other fundamental learning, and international objective assessments comparing US students to students from other industrialized nations, as well as the number of first year college students who require remedial courses to make up what they did not learn in grade school, it should be obvious that our public education system needs corrective action.  Yet you publicly state "New Hampshire’s public school system works well today."  Simply stupefying.


Michael A. Balboni
NH State Representative
Hillsborough County District 21, Nashua
Chairman House Education Committee

November 30 and December 6, 2011
Two follow-ups from me asking for the numbers, but no further response from Rep. Balboni.