NH GOP committed to fixing education, Nashua Telegraph, 11/20/11

posted Dec 6, 2011, 2:25 AM by Bill Duncan   [ updated Jan 5, 2012, 11:38 AM ]
(I have asked Mr. Balboni for figures to support his assertion here that "Republicans committed record amounts of state funds to local school districts,,,"  He would not provide backup.  Here is the email exchange.)


NH GOP committed to fixing education


When there’s something wrong with your home heating system, you either fix it or suffer the consequences. It amazes me that some would prefer our children suffer rather than fix our public education system.

Bill Duncan, in his Nov. 13 guest commentary (“Public education under attack in NH”), doesn’t appreciate the changes being made to our public education system by the Republican majority in the New Hampshire Legislature. Mr. Duncan believes no changes are needed, and he wrote: “New Hampshire’s public school system works well today.”

Oh, really?

The National Assessment of Educational Progress is a standardized national assessment tool used to determine if our public schoolchildren are proficient in reading and math, the two fundamental building blocks to all future learning.

The latest 2011 results clearly show there is a major problem with our New Hampshire public school system. For example, 43 percent of fourth-graders cannot do math at grade level. And the results are worse for eighth-graders, where 56 percent cannot do math at grade level.

If the math numbers aren’t bad enough, let’s look at the reading results. Fifty-seven percent of fourth-graders cannot read at grade level, and 60 percent of eighth-graders cannot read at grade level.

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Rep. Michael A. Balboni, of Nashua, is chairman of the New Hampshire House Education Committee.