"Public Schools: Make Them Private," Milton Friedman, Cato Briefing Paper, 6/23/1995

posted Jan 31, 2012, 1:55 PM by Bill Duncan   [ updated May 12, 2012, 5:28 PM ]

DNHPE Comment: This article on the Cato web site pretty much says it all.  Milton Friedman invented school vouchers (Education Tax Credits are merely a court-friendly way to fund school vouchers).  While it is not possible to know the intentions of the New Hampshire sponsors of the voucher/ETC bills, the effect would be to carry out the vision first laid out by Dr. Friedman in 1955 and presented again in this article 40 years later: Dismantle the public school system and replace it with private, religious and home schools (New Hampshire would be the only voucher/ETC program in the country to support home schools).

The sponsors of the New Hampshire proposal rely heavily on the Cato Institute for the conceptual foundation and the detailed data they present in support of the legislation.

Executive Summary

Our elementary and secondary educational system needs to be radically restructured. Such a reconstruction can be achieved only by privatizing a major segment of the educational system--i.e., by enabling a private, for-profit industry to develop that will provide a wide variety of learning opportunities and offer effective competition to public schools. The most feasible way to bring about such a transfer from government to private enterprise is to enact in each state a voucher system that enables parents to choose freely the schools their children attend. The voucher must be universal, available to all parents, and large enough to cover the costs of a high-quality education. No conditions should be attached to vouchers that interfere with the freedom of private enterprises to experiment, to explore, and to innovate.


 “Vouchers are not an end in themselves; they are a means to make a transition from a government to a free-market system.”

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