Rick Perry endorsement by Rep. Will Smith, Portsmouth Herald, 12/6/11

posted Dec 30, 2011, 5:51 AM by Bill Duncan

December 10, 2011 2:00 AM

Dec. 6 — To the Editor:

In comparing presidential candidates, we should look at their political positions, track record, evidence of character and electability. My analysis leads me to conclude Texas Gov. Rick Perry is far and away the best candidate for president.

Perry believes that individual freedom is critically important and that the Constitution limits the power of the federal government. He believes that the private sector creates wealth in our society. To have a healthy, job-creating economy, Perry believes we must: reduce government spending to reduce our crushing national debt, secure our borders, set taxes low and fair, and make education affordable and effective.

Gov. Perry has a track record consistent with his stated beliefs. He has 10 years of executive experience as governor of Texas but has never been a Washington insider. During his time as governor, Texas has been one of the nation's leading job creators and has had the second lowest debt-to-GDP ratio of all states. The six judges he has appointed to the Texas Supreme Court have been strict constructionists, who interpret the Constitution based on what it actually says. He has direct experience with border security.

Perry states his beliefs forcibly, such as his remark, "Social Security is a ponzi scheme." That statement is true, and stating the truth about a problem is the first step toward fixing it. He admits to mistakes, without blaming others. His combination of straight talk and humbleness is sorely missing in Washington these days.

Perry has an impressive record of winning elections. As a former Democrat (like Reagan), he knows what the opposition will throw at him. For 10 years, in the political arena, his reputation has not been tarnished, although he is often underestimated. He is an enthusiastic leader.

I recommend voters take a close look at Gov. Perry's assets and not allow media-fed scorn over minor debate issues to rule their thinking.

State Rep. Will Smith

Rye/New Castle