School Vouchers Not the Answer, OpEd, The Patch, Laura Hainey, 2/28/12

posted Feb 29, 2012, 4:52 AM by Bill Duncan

By Laura Hainey

New Hampshire has a long tradition of citizens coming together to overcome whatever challenges we face. Whether it is the economy or education, we have always found it within ourselves to collaborate on solutions to put our state on a positive course. 

Concord’s introduction of proposals for “education tax credits,” which is code for private school vouchers, is a step in the opposite direction. HB 1607 and SB 372 are being pushed – despite major citizen opposition – by Bill O’Brien and his allies, who have taken it upon themselves to let outside influence guide their decisions about our children’s’ education.

Supporters of voucher schemes say that they provide parents whose children attend low-performing schools with resources they can use to offset the cost of a private education. However, the funds used to provide these vouchers are taken directly from the school district. The Darwinian theory behind this is that more competition for dollars will force bad schools to become better. Of course, this scheme is not new. It’s been tried – and has failed – in states throughout the country.  

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