Quotes from IB Opponents

posted Apr 14, 2012, 8:47 AM by Bill Duncan   [ updated Apr 24, 2012, 5:12 AM ]
  • HB 1403 will bring back local control. There is no excuse for a foreign political group to be directing education in New Hampshire’s schools. NH Tea Party Coalition
  • Said Rep. Ralph Boehm, a Litchfield Republican: “Do we want our students indoctrinated to be world citizens or citizens of the United States?” Link
  • From the Concord Monitor, 1/27/12:
  • "At yesterday's hearing, Pettengill asserted that the program encourages students to think like world citizens whose rights are granted by the United Nations, not as American citizens, whose rights are derived from God.

    "The committee's chairman, Rep. Michael Balboni, a Republican from Nashua, wondered whether the program would put teachers in violation of a 1949 state law forbidding them to advocate for communism or the overthrow of the United States.

    "Rep. Charles Brosseau, a Republican from Campton, asked Pettengill, "Does this look like an attempt to influence our students toward the one-world government and against the sovereignty of the United States?"

    "Absolutely," she answered." 

  • "NHTPC [the New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition] notes that ‘those with certain political beliefs’ that find IB to alien do so because the IB program promotes world government under a single authority promoted by a non-governmental organization from abroad who views the UN as supplanting and undermining our legal form of government — the Constitution of the United States."...NH Tea Party Coalition
  • "This IBO program is nothing more than an expensive vehicle for inculcating UN propaganda into the minds of our best and brightest children."...the NH Tea Party Coalition
  • From Rep. Cohn, one of the co-sponsors on Facebook, here.  Rep. introduces his remarks saying he has nothing against IB, really, but:
    • "You want to teach that Marx was right, or that Nancy Reagan was the greatest first lady ever... or that Global Warming means that we should all ride bikes and destroy our cars, since the rest of the world, ie the 3rd world should get the benefits of the oil reserves, we've had plenty, feel free to teach it... just don't ask other people to pay public taxes to do so. Teach facts, NOT values.  Values are the problem here..."
    • He sets us straight about local control: "Local control means local. Not "local unless you wish to give up your decision making to some foreign source."   And if the school board commits the town(s) to a foreign contract, obligating the school expenditures and what the staff can do (or not do), what then?   Where the terms of the contract _require_ using foreign laws/courts, where the student personal info is sent out of the country, including personal identification, including essays about their beliefs?"

  • From a post on the Bedford Patch (here):
    • "Well rounded Marxists. That's what IB produces."
    • [The mission of IB] " is to infuse internationalism into our kids' brains, internationalism of course means obeyance to the UN 'government' they dream of having."
    •  "It's a political view which should NOT be being taught to kids in schools where they are there to learn skills and things for their own survival, not to accept world socialism."
    • "The IB program is merely another way to reduce the power of the local citizens and enrich foreign experts."
    • "Any support for Islam is support for a religion whose god calls for the violent suppression of all non-Islamic groups."
    • "Sanctioning Marxism, making it seem acceptable, not teaching how it has killed or starved millions of people, more than even Hitler killed, is a travesty. It is never mentioned. IB also sanctions Islam in some cases as well."