Carl A. Panza, school board candiate, statement to the Keene Sentinel 3/4/12

posted Mar 4, 2012, 6:31 AM by Bill Duncan

2. What are the two biggest issues facing Keene schools and what should the school board do about them?

a. State support of education is the biggest concern; specifically, adequacy aid. We presently receive $10,552,770 in adequacy aid. This aid is secure for fiscal year 2012-13. However, in fiscal year 2013-14, this aid is being severely threatened by the state Senate passing of a constitutional amendment (CACR 12). CACR 12 is designed to remove the New Hampshire Supreme Court from playing any role in the funding and definition of an adequate education. This amendment would leave decisions about what must be taught and how much to fund public education in New Hampshire entirely to the whim of elected officials. It has recently passed the Senate, is supported by the governor and looks to pass in the House. Keene could potentially lose millions. We should contact our local state representatives to vote against this amendment. If that fails, then we will have to prepare for the worst or find other sources of revenue to minimize the effect on local property taxes.