Landrigan on Tea Party support for CACR 12, Nashua Telegraph, 4/1/12

posted Apr 1, 2012, 2:36 AM by Bill Duncan


But Lamontagne has some of his right flank to worry about. As we first reported, Lamontagne was in on the education funding amendment that Lynch endorsed and the state Senate embraced.

Here’s a small sample of the extensive venom on the tea party-related Rochester 9-12 Project chat about that proposal:

“Last time (Lamontagne) said that there’s a lot of powerful support behind CACR 12, including the media. So, I reassured him that grass-roots opposition would stomp his establishment support.

“What else could I say? That’s not an explanation of any substance.

“Honestly, those attorneys pushing CACR 12 (Lamontange, Chuck Douglas and Eugene Van Loan III) aren’t exactly working with the average people on the development of this amendment. It’s being foisted upon us. It’s sucker punch number 2.”