Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas comments acerbically on CACR 12, UL, 5/13/12

posted May 13, 2012, 2:55 AM by Bill Duncan

City Hall
New Hampshire Union Leader 

MAYOR TED GATSAS didn't like the word “cherish” in the state Constitution's education language and he certainly doesn't like that the word “wholesome” is included in the House version of constitutional amendment CACR 12.

Gatsas said he was asked by Hooksett Republican state Rep. Dave Hess to look at the version coming out and comment on it. Gatsas suggested removing 39 words, including the word “wholesome” from the phrase, “the Legislature shall have the full power and authority to make wholesome and reasonable standards for elementary and secondary public education.”

“Whatever constitutional amendment comes out should be short,” said Gatsas. “I don't think it should have a word like wholesome, which no one can give me a definition of.”

Gatsas has also suggested taking out both occurrences of the phrase, “as it may judge for the benefit and welfare of this state,” referring to the Legislature's powers. While this could be construed as an attempt to remove some of the Legislature's authority over the budget, Gene Van Loan, attorney at Wadleigh, Starr and Peters, said the changes are not substanative.

“It's language that's already in the constitution; however, it really is unnecessary language,” said Van Loan.