HB 1607 FN-L (2012, passed, pending Gov. sig.) establishing an education credit funded private school voucher program

posted Dec 30, 2011, 7:20 AM by Bill Duncan   [ updated May 21, 2012, 5:46 AM ]
Docket (passed House and Senate by veto proof majorities)

AN ACT establishing an education credit against the business profits tax.

Sponsors: (Prime)David Bettencourt , Gene ChandlerJames ForsytheDavid BatesTom De BloisWilliam O'BrienPeter SilvaWilliam SmithPamela TuckerGregory HillDan McGuire 

COMMITTEE: Ways and Means

This bill establishes an education credit against the business profits tax for business organizations that contribute to scholarship organizations which awards scholarships to be used by students to defray the educational expenses of attending an independent school.

DNHPE 5/10/12 Update: Our closing arguments and videos are here, on the SB 372 page.

DNHPE 4/23/12 Update: It appears that HB 1607 will be "Laid on the Table" in the Senate.  Here is Senate Bill 372, currently in the House, that will be the vehicle for completing the legislative process.

DNHPE 3/30/12 Update: The bill passed, 173-127, with 100 members not voting.  Here is the debate.  (There is better audio here on the House video of the debate.  Move forward to time 3:22, visible in the lower right corner, for the start of the voucher debate.  If you get a blank screen at first, refresh your browser.)

The House Debate on Vouchers, HB 1607, 3/20/12

DNHPE Comment: 
Here is our basic analysis of this bill.  It would cost a lot, provide little needed assistance to students, but do serious damage to New Hampshire public schools. Here is our analysis of the cost.  Here is the Senate version of the same proposal.

Rep. Bettencourt's pitch for HB 1607, Concord Monitor, 2/13/12

House Ways and Means Committee Hearing, 1/23/12 Audio

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