Brentwood (Lighthouse) Christian Academy (few students, possibly 8)

posted May 29, 2012, 8:05 AM by Bill Duncan   [ updated May 29, 2012, 8:28 AM ]

263 Route 125, Brentwood, NH
Tel: (603)642-3756

Data from Private School Review

The web site lists a 4 person staff, two of whom are the pastors and are married.  PSR shows 8 students, one each in different grades.

From the BCA handbook:

Vision/Philosophy: Our goal is to prepare students to be leaders in their world. The
foundation of the educational program at BCA is the Word of God. We have found that
students learn more effectively, understand their world more completely, and will change
their world more powerfully when they view every aspect of their lives through the lens of
God’s Word. Ultimately through gaining an understanding of the Word of God and having a
meaningful relationship with God gives our students purpose and greater understanding as to why they are here at this time in history. We believe that the authority of this type of
education comes from the command of God that children be taught to love God and obey
Him. As parents have been given the responsibility for the total education of their children, it is our goal to partner with parents in challenging students to learn how to love God and obey Him. Because we are educating leaders that will impact our world for Christ, we are
committed to a rigorous and challenging academic program within a dynamic learning

BCA is looking for families who want their student to receive a strong Christian education in
an environment based on clearly taught and modeled Biblical principles and strong moral
absolutes; believe that their student learns best in a community environment where students participate in Socratic discussions, cooperative learning, individual/independent research, and a variety of activities where students are actively involved in community and Christian affairs outside of the classroom.