Comparison of the Iowa and the New Hampshire Programs

  • Unlike the New Hampshire proposal, there is no automatic compounding in the Iowa program.  The Legislature decides whether and how much to increase the cap each time the tax credit cap is reached.
  • After 6 years, Iowa, a state three times the size of New Hampshire, is offering $8.75 million in tax credits.  Under the currently proposed legislation, New Hampshire could offer that much in year 4.
  • The tax credit offered in Iowa is 65%.  The nominal tax credit in the New Hampshire proposal is 85% but the effective tax credit to the business is 93.5%.
  • The average scholarship in Iowa is $1,200.  In  New Hampshire it will be twice that..
  • Iowa's schools are not nearly as good as New Hampshire's.  Iowa ranks close to the national average.  New Hampshire is right at the top, trailing only Massachusetts.

More information on the Iowa program

Here's Iowa's statute

Here is a description of Iowa "open enrollment" program, allowing a parent to enroll a child in any other Iowa school district and providing a tuition scholarship of "$5,883, which is the state cost per pupil from the previous fiscal year."