NEA Policy Brief: Vouchers, what's at stake?

posted Jan 3, 2012, 5:43 PM by Bill Duncan

"Finally, as voucher programs become entrenched, they tend to enroll a
higher proportion of students who would have gone
to private school anyway, and who thus represent
an entirely new cost to the education system. In
Cleveland, two-thirds of voucher users attended
private school the year before they received the
voucher, 8 while in Washington, D.C., 200 of the 1,300
vouchers issued the first year of that city’s program
went to students already attending private school."

The study the cite (8), is:

Evaluation of the Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring
Program, Technical Report 1998-2004, Plucker, J. & P. Muller,
Center for Evaluation and Education Policy, Indiana,
February 9, 2006, here

"The majority of scholarship students were already attending a private school prior 
to receiving the scholarship.  Approximately 61-72% of scholarship students 
attended a private school during the school year immediately prior to entering the CSTP.  Therefore, there appear to be relatively few public school students who are 
using the CSTP program as a form of school choice to attend private school."

would have gone anyway