ALEC no friend of New Hampshire, Letter to Nashua Telegraph, 5/10/12

posted May 10, 2012, 4:55 AM by Bill Duncan

House Speaker William O’Brien‘s recent letter defending the American Legislative Exchange Council is disturbing. (April 18: “ALEC latest target of smear campaign”)

As a Nashua teacher and public employee of the city of Nashua, I found this Statehouse session demonstrated an extremist corporate-driven agenda.

Tea party representatives attacked teachers, firefighters, state employees and other labor organizations with right-to-work legislation. Over and over, even as the bill was rejected, it kept coming back with different wording.

O’Brien charges that ALEC is a “victim” of an intimidation campaign by political and financial opportunists. As public awareness increases about ALEC, residents can decide for themselves if ALEC lobbyists represent what is right for New Hampshire.

There is a consumer-driven effort to hold corporations like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola accountable when they financially support ALEC laws such as stand-your-ground. ALEC is also responsible for anti-labor and anti-education legislation that attempts to weaken our strong public education system and our supportive labor unions.

O’Brien cites “outsider activists and opportunists” exposing ALEC as objectionable and undesirable.

He fails to recognize the connection between public interest groups and individual New Hampshire residents who say enough is enough with extremist legislation.

Right-to-work, stand-your-ground and other extremist bills are only representative of corporative-driven interests. Hardworking New Hampshire residents deserve more, not less.

Marianne O’Connor