Dean Julie Underwood, UW-Madison School of Education on the national strategy to privatize public education

posted Feb 11, 2012, 3:09 PM by Bill Duncan   [ updated Feb 11, 2012, 4:49 PM ]

Dean Underwood is will worth watching but the interview is summarized below.

Dean Julie Underwood, UW-Madison School of Education discusses national strategy to privatize public education

Dean Underwood starts off by saying, 

"...what you see [in the archive of ALEC bills on the ALECexposed web it] is an early interest in the privatization of education.  There are lots and lots of bills that talk about various ways to privatize or defund, dismantle the public schools.  You have bills that are about charter schools, vouchers, tuition tax credits, deductions, those kinds of things that actually all put together are just a push to privatize education."

What the impact of this?

"What you end up with is isolation for students.  You end up public schools that are poorly, poorly funded.  And the students that are left in those public schools are the students who are very difficult to educate, children who have educational challenges and what you fund are other children going out into the private system, who are easier to educate, who have families who are literate, and you end up with a two tier system of education, a re-segregated system of education."

What is their implementation strategy?

"They're looking at introducing market factors, as they say, into teacher compensation and teacher certification....The second one is the continuation of any kind of privatization and vouchers.  The third one is increasing testing [like No Child Left Behind].  And then the fourth one is continuing to chip away at the ability and the powers of local school districts and local school boards.

"They do have an interesting legislative strategy....They say that in these four areas you need to introduce a lot of bills.  You need to introduce the entire array of them all at the same time.  They analogize to a game of whack-a-mole, so you can actually introduce all sorts of bill and they say that if you do that, then the education proponents won't be able to kill them all at one time."