Testimony of James Pinard, of the Granite State Christian School Association, to the House Ways and Mean Committee, 1/23/12

posted Jan 25, 2012, 2:44 PM by Bill Duncan   [ updated Jan 26, 2012, 6:39 PM ]
Mr. Pinard makes a number of the key points made by advocates for vouchers. Elements of this very important presentation are transcribed below.
At 3:14 (3 minutes, 14 seconds): "It the same old song I hear. We've got to rescue public education. We've been rescuing it for 40 years! And where are we today? It's time that we began, instead of signing the same old song, let's begin to look at what the market can do. And I heard some statements before that I know that some people here hate and despise the market but believe me if you work in the markets you've got to produce the goods.

"And so if these schools don't produce the goods, they're not going to be there. Parents aren't stupid. The reason they keep sending their kids to public school is they have very little alternative."
"It is always within the context of some world view that education takes place. There's no neutrality in the public school system. The public schools of New Hampshire are no exception to this fundamental premise.

"And their reigning world view is that of a relativistic secular humanism which denies that there are any absolutes - which, of course, in a version of an ......

5:15 "Our nation, our state and our local communities are indeed facing a financial crisis of such proportion that it may well impact us negatively for generations to come if not dealt with in an appropriate and decisive manner. We cannot afford to continue with business as usual. We are confronting, educationally, an entrenched and bloated and centralized bureaucracy which holds us hostage to their world view.

"This must come to an end.

"We need leaders of wisdom and courage who will rise to the occasion and chart a new course by bringing freedom of choice and competition into our educational process so that such opportunities will extend beyond the province of the well to do.

"If not you, who; and if not now, when?"