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posted May 13, 2012, 1:45 PM by Bill Duncan   [ updated May 14, 2012, 4:14 AM ]
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I would like to know more regarding the poor being ineligible for vouchers. Given the poor performance of our public schoolsand our dismal worldwide ranking in education could you suggest some solutions to this problem. Obviously money is not the answer, what is?


x forwarded your email to me.  I would say that the problem with a voucher plan in a state like New Hampshire where the public schools are good is that it represents a disinvestment in our public education system.  The message is, "We're 24th in the world, so let's leave the public school system behind and create a private, market-based alternative."  But we now have 20 plus years of voucher and education tax credit experience, and the private (and charter) school results are the same as in the public schools.  Mostly, they're not worse, but they're not better either.

There can be big debates about how to improve the public schools and we might have big disagreements about it.  But that's a productive debate compared to giving up and moving on.

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Me thinks if MS. x is learned enough to send a plea on a subject I presume she favors then she ought to be knowledgeable sufficiently about the subject to discuss it.
I do thank you for your opinion and explanations.

Response e

She is, y.  But I follow the issue in more detail, so she's give me her proxy... :)


Well since you asked about how to improve student performance in our schools, I will share with you my research findings from a large federally funded research study conducted in Manchester, NH with its very diverse student population. The study looked at literacy gains for students using my art-and-literature-based approach to literacy learning as compared to demographically matched students in the district. Please note, in particular, results for "below benchmark readers," Special Education students, Title I students, economically disadvantaged students, and English language learners. More about the model on my website, link below.

I don't think vouchers are the answer, but rather professional development in programs proven effective in our public schools. 

Response from Legislator

I just received additional information from Ms. Oshansky perhaps once digested it will give additional information relative to my concerns.


Great, y.  I look forward to discussing it with you.