DNHPE Update: "This here study says everything will be ok", 2/2/12

posted Feb 6, 2012, 1:53 AM by Bill Duncan
Defenders of New Hampshire Public Education,

Today will be a typical day for public education the statehouse: A hearing on HB 1713, abolishing the New Hampshire Department of Education.  Another hearing on HB 1712, mandating the teaching of the Bible in public schools.  A House Ways and Means Committee subcommittee session on HB 1607 to use education tax credits to fund school vouchers that would siphon tens of millions of dollars out of the public schools.  Yesterday, the Senate Internal Affairs Committee amended CACR 12, which would change the Legislature's powers and responsibilities for funding public education.

People in New Hampshire need to hear from us- letters to the editor are great, use Twitter, use your Facebook page, expand our network passing these updates along.  Ask me for help on any of this  - and, particularly if you're a teacher, parent, school board member or school administrator, tell me you'd like to do a video about the impact of this legislation on your school.  Don't worry, you don't have to be knowledgeable on the issue.

"This here study says everything will be OK" - the exchange over Sarah Stitzlein's Testimony: 
I highlighted Sarah Stitzlein's very effective testimony on SB 372 (the voucher bill) to the Senate Education Committee last time.  When she forwarded it to the members of the House Ways and Means committee considering the House companion bill, HB 1607, she drew in immediate response from the advocates for the other side.  I responded to that, enhanced with feedback from Sarah.  Here is the exchange, a window into the hand-to-hand combat over the proposed voucher legislation.

OpEd Today
Here my OpEd in today's Concord Monitor: Anti-public schools movement has found its Braveheart.  The only problem is, he's one of many.

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