DNHPE Update: Time to communicate! 1/30/12

posted Feb 2, 2012, 1:06 AM by Bill Duncan
To everyone - especially teachers, school board members, school administrators and parents,

Here, below, are some communications from the last several days.  Communicating works and we need 10 times this number, coming from every direction.  

To those who know our public schools best
Public school folks can make a big difference here. Our schools are under assault.  Testifying is important, as many have done.  Talking with legislators is important. But its time to go beyond that.  The people of New Hampshire need to hear from you and benefit from your insight on the impact of this legislation, an insight the rest of us don't have.

People need to hear directly, authoritatively, about the impact of legislation that puts each parents directly in charge of every element of their students' course work (HB 542, passed) and would give full high school credit for Lawn Mowing 101 (HB 1575) or move all curriculum authority to the Legislature (HB 219, passed the House) or take many millions of dollars out of the public schools and put it into private schools (HB 1607 and SB 372)

Two immediate proposals: First and most obvious, it's OpEd's and letters to the editors in all the papers you can reach.  Joe Onosco showed how you can reach every big paper in the state if you try (look here, scroll down).  The Defending New Hampshire Public Education web site has all the info you need but there's a lot of it, so if you want help winnowing, let me know.

Second, I would like to make little one-on-one video interviews of teachers, school boards members, administrators or parents talking about these issues as you see them.  Any time, any place.  I'd put them on the web site.  I know that feels like a kind of unwelcome exposure, and most don't feel it's their place.  It's not a matter of self-interest.  And it's not a matter of how much you know about the legislation.  We'd talk ahead about that so that you can talk about the impact on your school.

The interviews would be very powerful in giving people a sense of the realities of this legislative assault.  And, have no doubt, this is for all the marbles.

Last 3 days in the Portsmouth Herald
The Herald has been particularly strong in covering this legislative assault.

David Borden's Letter today: School Scholarships Bill is Bad Legislation

Tom Slater's letter Saturday: Free Staters Attack Public Schools

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Here are my tweets from the last few days (mine always lead to clickable links).  See what you're missing?

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If you liked HB 542, objecting to any curriculum, you love HB 1575, substituting Lawn Mowing 101 for Algebra II! http://bit.ly/yUnwLV

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Those anti-public school advocates! The stories they tell! You just can't take them at face value: bit.ly/zOGvPr

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See New Hampshire's Christian schools lobbying for an end to public schools in New Hampshire: bit.ly/xYV9AI

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